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Fitbites Revive’s meals nourish your body and mind so you can strive to be your best self on a budget and a time crunch. Eating right should be simple, accessible, and affordable. That’s why we offer quick meals packed full of the tastiest, freshest ingredients. Every meal we offer in our program has to meet our criteria: Healthy, quick, and delicious.

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We started Fitbites Revive to give back to our community by providing delicious, quick meals made with fresh, local ingredients. With the goal to uplift our communities, Fitbites Revive gives back through scholarships, rebate programs, providing employment, and more.


Fueled by freshness, Fitbites Revive offers tailored discounts, meal subsidies, and end-to-end mealtime solutions for all your on-site needs—helping make mealtime effortless and your wellbeing a priority.


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